Web and Networking History Timelines 

With thanks to the Web History Project and Center, the Computer History Museum, Dipity.com, the Digibarn, Stanford University Libraries, CommerceNet, and the Internet Archive


These timelines let you view and submit events in Web and networking history. You can also contribute links, software, data, images, video, and other media.


The events in these timelines have been checked by people who saw or participated in those events first-hand, or by recognized historical experts on that topic.


If you are registered as a first-hand source for a timeline, your changes take effect immediately. If you are registered as a user, they appear in the "comments" section while they are reviewed.


The timelines are hosted courtesy of our friends at Dipity.com, the leading company for time-based Web software. Several are used by Working Groups in the Internet History Program at the Computer History Museum (computerhistory.org).



History of Virtual Worlds, managed by Bruce Damer and Annie Ok 

Initial content developed by Annie Ok



Public timeline of Virtual Worlds, by Annie OK 



COMING SOON: Legal History of the Web, managed by Patrick Reilly



COMING SOON: History of Inter-networking, managed by Marc Weber with help from Don Neilson



COMING SOON: History of Digital Telephony, managed by Greg Dumas


Adding Events  

If you saw or participated in events in these timelines but are not registered as a first-hand source, please contact us to sign up as a contributor.


You can submit historic data (images, video, sounds, sofware, etc.) by emailing us at info@webhistory.org



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