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Introducing the Web History Center

The World Wide Web was designed to bolster the sharing and availability of information. Ironically, the actual records of this technical and cultural transformation are in danger of being lost.

"The good thing about digital media is that you can save everything. The bad thing about digital media is that you can lose everything."
- Brewster Kahle, Web pioneer, founder of The Internet Archive

The Web History Center is a non-profit educational organization to make public the history of the World Wide Web and preserve it for posterity.

The Web History Center helps researchers and collection holders to preserve and promote the history of the web era by:

Support the cause

The Web History Center is raising $100,000 to help fund its mission. Show your support by making a contribution via PayPal.

Historical note

The Web History Center has merged with the Web History Project formerly hosted here at Pages from the Web History Project and the 1997 Web History Day are preserved for historical purposes.

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