World Wide Web History Center

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Who we are

The Web History Center is a joint initiative of Dr. William B. Pickett, senior professor of history at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and Marc Weber, the first journalist to have researched the Web's origins. The Center is assembling a team composed of people and institutions eminently qualified to record the Web's history, many of them Web pioneers.

The Web History Center is open to contributions from all interested persons and organizations:

Persons or institutions who hold relevant historical material or who can provide stories and testimonials;
Persons or institutions who wish to financially support the preservation and communication of Web history;
WHC Team
People who are actively involved in WHC startup operations;
WHC Staff
Permanent staff and representatives of the Web History Center.

Join us!

You are welcome to join our efforts to build the Web History Center.
Please contact the WHC or email your ideas to

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